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Tori Spelling BiographyBiography of your favorite celebrities  Tori Spelling  who also became my favorite as well which I have outlined some of the sites of the celebrity world that are useful to you and all readers who are looking for a biography of

Victoria Davey "Tori" Punctuational (May 16, 1973 in Los Angeles, Colorado, USA) is an United states celebrity known for her position as D Martin in the Nineties youngster detergent safari Beverly Mountains 90210.

The child of Sweets Marer and United states Judaism mom and father of Aaron Punctuational, famous tv company with ABC in the Seventies, she came out in a number of guests functions (mostly in the actions of his dad ') as The Like Vessel, TJ Prostitute, Resort, Imagination Region, Vega $, and Kept by the Gong before getting a common element of Beverly Mountains 90210, a line co-produced by her dad and Darren Celebrity.

Often described as having restricted range to act, there was much questions that she ended up the position 90,210 thanks to the effect of his dad. She said having gone through an try out for the position under a incorrect name. As the line went on air, Punctuational has labored generally on separate shows (often recognized for his performance), such as Technique and The Property of Yes.

The spelling is a scholar of Harvard-Westlake Classes. His sister, Randy Punctuational is also an celebrity.

In May 2004, Punctuational wed the Armenian-American professional Charlie Shania more luxuriously thousand money marriage. In May 2005 the several introduced their divorce after just 14 several weeks of marriage.

Television work

Shooting Superstars (1983)

Three Leaders (1987)

Beverly Mountains 90210 (1990-2000)

A Buddy to Die For (1994)

Awake to Chance (1995)

Mortal Activities (1996)

Co-Ed Phone Woman (1996)

Mother, I rest with Danger? (1996)

The Alibi (1997)

So Down-town (2003) (canceled after a few episodes)

A tune in May (2003)

The Household Program (2005)

Hush (2005)


Troop Beverly Mountains (1989)

The Property of Yes (1997)

Scream 2 (1997)

Those sensible for the criminal offenses (1998)

Trick (1999)

Sol Goode (2001)

Scary Film 2 (2001)

Naked Film (2002)

Evil Unfamiliar Conquerors (2002)

50 Tips on how to Depart Your Enthusiast (2004)

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